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1. [Kung Fu] Stroke Of Death aka Monkey Kung Fu (1979) - DVD/RmvbVideo > Movies3318.26 MB
Plot: Two men break out of prison, one in possession of half of a treasure map and in search of the other half. Along the way, they encounter an evil master from a rival clan, who wants their treasure...
2. [Kung Fu] Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979) - RmvbVideo > Movies3349.90 MB
HKFlix Says: 5 Stars This film is a martial arts dream. Absolutely brilliant performances, and martial arts sequences like nothing you've ever seen before. Avg. Rating: 4.6 / 5 (based on ...
3. King Tubby - The Roots Of Dub & Dub From The Roots ( ape )Audio > Other29469.32 MB
King Tubby - The Roots Of Dub & Dub From The Roots Moll Selekta - #MS 8 Moll Selekta CD #MS 8 Record date : 1974 Album style : roots, dub Playlist : Natty Dub Dub Magnificient A Firs...
4. Dethroned Christ - Roots Of Ancient Evil (2010) [mp3@320]Audio > Music15125.95 MB
Genre: Black Metal Origin: Brazil Year: 2010 Format: 320 kbps TT: 49:01 1. The Return 5:58 2. Lycanthropy 5:23 3. Death Squadrons 2:10 4. Dethroned Christ 4:35 5. Prophecy of Neferti 8:06...
5. Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1982)Video > Movies DVDR497.55 GB
Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1982) Monkey Kung Fu aka Stroke of Death (1979) Iron Monkey 2 (1996) Plot: Donnie Yen takes on the persona of the legendary Iron Monkey, a Chinese Robin Hood who agrees to help a group of revolutionaries as he battles with the evil Jade Tiger an...
8. [Kung Fu] Iron Monkey (1993) - DVD/RmvbVideo > Movies3425.91 MB
Iron Monkey (1993) HKFlix Says: 5 Stars Simply one of the best martial arts movies ever made. The fight choreography, direction, acting, and overall quality of the film are all superb. Avg....
9. [Kung Fu] Fist of Golden Monkey (1983) - RmvbVideo > Movies3313.83 MB
SYNOPSIS Campy martial arts mayhem abounds in FIST OF THE GOLD MONKEY, featuring cult kung-fu star Elton Chong. Ling Fung (Chong) wants to learn kung-fu, but before he can do so a group of thugs be...
10. Kung Fu Panda LOA - S01E26 - Monkey in the Middle 480pVideo > TV shows290.61 MB
Video : 640x480 Format : AVI Run Time - 21:59 http:...
11. Mad Monkey Kung Fu [1979] ENG DUB DVDRip H264-BINGOVideo > Movies51.02 GB
Release Title: Mad.Monkey.Kung.Fu.[1979]ENG.DUB.DVDRip.H264(BINGOWINGZ-UKB-RG) Release Date: 1979 Genre: Action RunTime: 114 Minutes Kung fu master Chen (Lau Kar-leung) is tricked and his hands ...
12. Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness - S01E26 - Monkey in the MiVideo > HD - TV shows279.60 MB
New Episode Seems complete
13. [Kung Fu] Snake in the Monkey's Shadow (1979) - DVD/RmvbVideo > Movies3363.75 MB
Plot: Classic '70s action starring martial arts wizard John Chang as a poor kung fu student, Liang, who gets into trouble when he defeats two bullies, who then hire two killers trained in the deadly s...
14. [Kung Fu] Shaolin Drunken Monkey (Elton Chong, 1985) EN - DVD/RmVideo > Movies7424.04 MB
Shaolin Drunken Monkey (Elton Chong, 1985) EN - Rmvb Avg. Rating: 2.8 / 5 (based on 2 ratings). Overview: When Shallow Head Silver Eagle (Han Ying) raises the Shaolin Temple to the ground with ...
15. [Kung Fu] Crazy Horse And Intelligent Monkey (Chi Kuan Chun, 198Video > Movies2413.29 MB
Guys/Gals, Happy new year to you and yours! I have reached and exceeded the limits of my seeding capabilities, burning my PC's CPU in the process due to overheating, and I cannot remain effectiv...
16. [Kung Fu] Lady Iron Monkey (Chan Sing, 1979) - RmvbVideo > Movies7277.49 MB
Lady Iron Monkey (Chan Sing, 1979) - Rmvb Plot: Directed by the man who brought Jackie Chan to fame--Chan Jeung Wa--Lady Iron Monkey tells the story of a girl brought up with apes and who therefore...
17. The Monkey King 2010 :: DVD 5Video > Movies DVDR14.38 GB
18. King.of.the.Hill.1993.DVDRip.XViD-iMMORTALsVideo > Movies3711.48 MB
King of the Hill
19. Monkey King Quest For SutraVideo > Other355.82 GB
=== ASIANTORRENTS === language : cantonese subs : chinese hard coded quality : vcd rip file type: .rmvb
20. The.Monkey.King.2012.x264.AC3-WAFVideo > HD - Movies101.37 GB
********************************************************************** [RELEASE INFORMATION] REL FILES **** : The.Monkey.King.2012.x264.AC3-WAF.mkv (1.37 GiB) SOURCE ******* : Blue_Ray RIPP...
King Markus Presents - Roots and Culture Vol#1 01 - Intro 02 - G Whizz - Life - (Mood Swing riddim) 03 - Bugle - Dont blame life 04 - Blak Ryno - See you again 05 - Million Stylez - Everyday -...
22. Fear Itself: The Monkey King #1. Comic 2011Other > Comics122.53 MB
Fear Itself: The Monkey King 2011 #1 oneshot cbr Meet Marvels newest star! Spinning out of IRON MAN 2.0 and FEAR ITSELF! Discover the history of Sun Wukong â
23. Katsuya Teradas The Monkey King [ADULT]Other > Comics1152.98 MB
Based on the 16th century Chinese fantasy adventure classic, Journey to the West (which also inspired Dragon Ball) Katsuya Terada's take on the legend of the Monkey King in a savage, lusty saga th...
24. King Tubby & Friends - Dub Explosion (22 Roots Classics) @ 320 kAudio > Other24165.13 MB
King Tubby & Friends - Dub Explosion (22 Roots Classics) Trojan - #CDTRL 366 Trojan CD #CDTRL 366 1996 Record date : 197X Album style : roots, dub Playlist : The G.G. All Stars - Love ...
25. Augustus Pablo - Dub, Reggae and Roots from the Melodica KingAudio > Music2188.86 MB
Rekommenderas i lurarna ruggiga kvällar....
26. King Tubby Meets The Roots Radics - Dangerous DubAudio > FLAC14275.92 MB
King Tubby Meets The Roots Radics - Dangerous Dub Copasetic #COP LP 5002 Copasetic #COP LP 5002 Greensleeves #GRELCD 229 Copasetic LP #COP LP 5002 1981 Greensleeves CD #GRELCD 229 19...
27. The.Monkey.King.1964.DVDRip. ENGLISH-READNFOVideo > Movies42.25 GB
:::'###::::'##::: ##:'####:'##::::'##::::'###::::'##::: ##::'######::::::'###:::: ::'## ##::: ###:: ##:. ##:: ###::'###:::'## ##::: ###:: ##:'##... ...
28. Osman-Christianity-Ancient Egyptian Religion(egyptian roots of iOther > E-books112.91 MB
This is Ahmed Osman's mindblowing book Christianity - An Ancient Egyptian Religion (2005) which contends that the roots of Christian belief came not from Judaea but instead from Egypt. Osman compa...
29. King Tubby meets The Upsetter - At the Grass Roots of Dub [ReggaAudio > Music1048.31 MB
MP3 @ 320 Kbps VBR LAME
30. Jah Thomas & The Roots Radics - King Tubby's Hidden Treasure (Audio > Other19245.70 MB
Jah Thomas & The Roots Radics - King Tubby's Hidden Treasure Trojan - #CDTRL 424 Trojan CD #CDTRL 424 1999 Record date : 198X Album style : dancehall, dub Playlist : Pearl Dub Dia...
31. Jean-Luc Ponty - King Kong (lossless monkey's audio)Audio > Music6269.53 MB
32. The.Monkey.King.2012.720p.BluRay.x264-WiKiVideo > HD - Movies43.32 GB
.Plot TAGLINE...................: The.Monkey.King GENRE.....................: Comic| Drama IMDb RATING...............: N/A IMDb LINK.................: N/A ENCODER...................: xmc1332 ...
33. Wudang Kung fu Series - Wudang 8 Drunken Immortals Swordplay.isoVideo > Other14.23 GB
The eight drunken immortals swordplay mode in wudang came from the mien of eight immortals in Taoism (Han Zhongli, Lu Dongbing, Tie Guaili, Zhang Guolao, He Xian'gu, Lan Chaihe, Cao Guojiu, Han Xi...
34. SOUL SYNDICATE rod taylor king tubby 6 albums roots reggaeAudio > Music94408.09 MB
one of the greatest backing bands of all time the soul syndicate all roots reggae and dub from mid 70's to 1980 1 soul syndicate harvest uptown famine downtown 2 soul syndicate dub classics...
35. The.Monkey.King.2012.3D.BluRay.HSBS.1080p.AC3.x264-CHD [Public3DVideo > 3D46.08 GB
Public3D - High-Definition Bittorrent 3D Community ----------------------------------------------------- The.Monkey.K...
36. Ancient King - send them come.mp3Audio > Music14.91 MB
"Send'em come" by Ancient King. Couldn't find the torrent anywhere, so here goes. Special thanks to 0xFFFFFF :)
37. Ancient King - Jah deserve my praise.mp3Audio > Music13.39 MB
Another song I like from Ancient King (ripped from myspace via rtmpdump so only 96kbps)
38. Wormphlegm - Tomb of the Ancient KingAudio > Music3102.91 MB
Track list: 1. Epejumalat Monet Tesse Muinen Palveltin Lauran Ja Lesse "Tomb of the Ancient King LP" 2. Tomb of the Ancient King "Tomb of the Ancient King LP" 3. Return of the...
39. [Kung Fu] Bruce Lee, King Of Kung Fu aka The Young Bruce Lee (BrVideo > Movies6355.79 MB
Bruce Lee, King Of Kung Fu aka The Young Bruce Lee (Bruce Le, Bolo Yeung, 1997) DE Avg. Rating: 3 / 5 (based on 1 rating). Plot: Our hero takes vengeance against the masters of a rival m...
40. [Kung Fu] King Eagle (1970) - DVD/RmvbVideo > Movie clips7243.28 MB
King Eagle (1970) - REMASTERED Avg. Rating: 4 / 5 (based on 2 ratings). Plot: The cool thing about King Eagle is that we can marvel at greatness during its humble beginnings. Ti Lung's fut...

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